TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 115(3)

Sudden-death aversion: Avoiding superior options because they feel riskier.
Walker, Jesse; Risen, Jane L.; Gilovich, Thomas; Thaler, Richard

Towards a deeper understanding of impression formation—New insights gained from a cognitive-ecological perspective.
Prager, Johannes; Krueger, Joachim I.; Fiedler, Klaus

The tolerance benefits of multicultural experiences depend on the perception of available mental resources.
Tadmor, Carmit T.; Hong, Ying-yi; Chao, Melody M.; Cohen, Ayala

Culture and social hierarchy: Self- and other-oriented correlates of socioeconomic status across cultures.
Miyamoto, Yuri; Yoo, Jiah; Levine, Cynthia S.; Park, Jiyoung; Boylan, Jennifer Morozink; Sims, Tamara; Markus, Hazel Rose; Kitayama, Shinobu; Kawakami, Norito; Karasawa, Mayumi; Coe, Christopher L.; Love, Gayle D.; Ryff, Carol D.

Climate control: The relationship between social identity threat and cues to an identity-safe culture.
Hall, William; Schmader, Toni; Aday, Audrey; Inness, Michelle; Croft, Elizabeth

Who is trustworthy? Predicting trustworthy intentions and behavior.
Levine, Emma E.; Bitterly, T. Bradford; Cohen, Taya R.; Schweitzer, Maurice E.

Moral self-regulation, moral identity, and religiosity.
Ward, Sarah J.; King, Laura A.

When and why is religious attendance associated with antigay bias and gay rights opposition? A justification-suppression model approach.
Hoffarth, Mark Romeo; Hodson, Gordon; Molnar, Danielle S.

Religion, repulsion, and reaction formation: Transforming repellent attractions and repulsions.
Cohen, Dov; Kim, Emily; Hudson, Nathan W.

Resisting temptation for the good of the group: Binding moral values and the moralization of self-control.
Mooijman, Marlon; Meindl, Peter; Oyserman, Daphna; Monterosso, John; Dehghani, Morteza; Doris, John M.; Graham, Jesse