IMP Journal, 12(2)

Crossing the boundary between physical and digital: the role of boundary objects
Daniela Corsaro

Innovation in a globalized world
Jens Ola Eklinder-Frick, Andrea Perna, and Alexandra Waluszewski

Heaviness, space and journey – innovation opportunities and restrictions
Håkan Håkansson and Alexandra Waluszewski

Discovering the collective entrepreneurial opportunities through spatial relationships
Chiara Cantù

The dynamics of proximity in multiple-party innovation processes
Christina Öberg

Network approach to public-private organizing of destinations
Jörgen Elbe, Sabine Gebert Persson, Fredrik Sjöstrand, and Karin Ågren

The role of actors in interactions between “innovation ecosystems”: drivers and implications
Tommaso Pucci, Andrea Runfola, Simone Guercini, and Lorenzo Zanni

The role of European R&D projects for SMEs’ resource development: an IMP perspective
Fabrizio Ciarmatori, Roberta Bocconcelli, and Alessandro Pagano

Adoption and implementation of new technologies in hospitals: a network perspective
Olga Mikhailova

Interactive Network Branding
Nikolina Koporcic and Aino Halinen

Simone Guercini, Andrea Runfola, Andrea Perna, and Matilde Milanesi