TOC: J Applied Psych


Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(8)

Centralization of member voice in teams: Its effects on expertise utilization and team performance.
Sherf, Elad N.; Sinha, Ruchi; Tangirala, Subrahmaniam; Awasty, Nikhil

When and how experienced incivility dissuades proactive performance: An integration of sociometer and self-identity orientation perspectives.
Schilpzand, Pauline; Huang, Lei

Negative beliefs about accepting coworker help: Implications for employee attitudes, job performance, and reputation.
Thompson, Phillip S.; Bolino, Mark C.

Future time perspective: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Kooij, Dorien T. A. M.; Kanfer, Ruth; Betts, Matt; Rudolph, Cort W.

Seeing their side versus feeling their pain: Differential consequences of perspective-taking and empathy at work.
Longmire, Natalie H.; Harrison, David A.

Build or buy? The individual and unit-level performance of internally versus externally selected managers over time.
DeOrtentiis, Philip S.; Van Iddekinge, Chad H.; Ployhart, Robert E.; Heetderks, Tom D.

The paradox of agency: Feeling powerful reduces brokerage opportunity recognition yet increases willingness to broker.
Landis, Blaine; Kilduff, Martin; Menges, Jochen I.; Kilduff, Gavin J.