JCR Author Development Workshop


University of Pittsburgh, 2-3 Nov 2018; Deadline 16 Sep

Call for Submissions to Initial JCR Author Development Workshop

In a continuing effort to help authors, the editors of the Journal of Consumer Research are calling for submissions for consideration in the initial Author Development Workshop. The workshop is targeted at consumer research scholars within 3 years of having received their PhD who do not have access to senior mentorship at their school and who have never published in JCR.

The initial workshop, hosted by the University of Pittsburgh, will begin at 1pm on Friday, November 2 and finish around noon the following day. The goal is to advance authors’ skills in developing manuscripts targeted at top-tier journals. All consumer-relevant topics are eligible for the workshop. If this initial workshop is successful, additional workshops may be held at interested host schools.

The workshop will be immersive. Following a joint session presenting an overview of publishing in top journals, participants will be assigned to small groups. Each group will be supervised by a JCR editor or Associate Editor, who will provide feedback on the project’s contribution, conceptualization, construct development/operationalization, and empirical plan. The expectation is that participating authors will work with editors/AEs during the afternoon of Day 1, work individually that evening in addressing the core issues (e.g., conceptualization, design), then reconvene on the morning of Day 2 for a second round of interaction. The workshop will close with each participating author sharing her/his work with the entire group in a 5 minute presentation.

Participation is by application only. In order to achieve the goal of providing direct feedback, the workshop will be limited to 12 participants.

Submissions for inclusion in the workshop will be judged based on the benefit it might provide the author (priority will be given to authors who currently do not have senior mentorship) as well as the potential of the research to make significant theoretical and meaningful contributions to the field of consumer research. Interested authors should submit a brief proposal (1000 words max) describing the research question, preliminary hypotheses/theory, and anticipated method/study design.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, September 16, 2018

Cost: The workshop is free, but participants are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and meal expenses. Suggestions for local hotels will be sent to authors whose submissions are accepted.

Proposals and questions should be submitted to Tim Janney (tjanney@katz.pitt.edu).