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The Journal of Marketing Management's latest issue features filmic research

Journal of Marketing Management – New issue published featuring Video Articles

Journal of Marketing Management is delighted to announce the publication of the Special Issue: Screening Marketing: Videography and the expanding horizons of filmic research, Guest Edited by Joonas Rokka, Joel Hietanen and Douglas Brownlie.

This issue features 5 video articles as well as 4 text articles. Captioned and Audio-Described versions of the videos are available as well as Transcripts, and the video articles are free to access during August.

The full issue listing is:

·         Editorial: Screening Marketing: Videography and the expanding horizons of filmic research, by Joonas Rokka, Joel Hietanen and Douglas Brownlie

·         Envisioning consumers: how videography can contribute to marketing knowledge, by Russell W. Belk, Marylouise Caldwell, Timothy M. Devinney, Giana M. Eckhardt, Paul Henry, Robert Kozinets and Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki

·         Focusing ethnography: theory and recommendations for effectively combining video and ethnographic research, by Niklas Woermann

·         Need for narrative, by Tom van Laer, Luca M. Visconti and Stephanie Feiereisen (Video Article)

·         Mapping the extended frontiers of escapism: binge-watching and hyperdiegetic exploration, by Scott Jones, James Cronin and Maria G. Piacentini  (Video Article)

·         On critical collaborative videographies, by Andreas Chatzidakis and Pauline Maclaran  (Video Article)

·         Engaging the audience through videography as performance, by Anastasia Seregina 

·         Footwear with feeling: a cultural approach to product development, by Skye-Maree Dixon and Avi Shankar (Video Article)

·         Dodo Lé Là: how consumers promote a local iconic brand in postcolonial creole culture, by Julie Leroy, Baptiste Cléret and Michel Boyer (Video Article)

·         More than meets the eye: videography and production of desire in semiocapitalism, by Joel Hietanen and Mikael Andéhn 

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