TOC: J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 147(8)

Gaze-based signatures of mind wandering during real-world scene processing.
Krasich, Kristina; McManus, Robert; Hutt, Stephen; Faber, Myrthe; D’Mello, Sidney K.; Brockmole, James R.

Biases in perceiving gaze vergence.
Nguyen, Alysha T. T.; Palmer, Colin J.; Otsuka, Yumiko; Clifford, Colin W. G.

Memory-guided selective attention: Single experiences with conflict have long-lasting effects on cognitive control.
Brosowsky, Nicholaus P.; Crump, Matthew J. C.

Comfortably warm: A momentary lapse of reaffiliation after exclusion.
Fay, Adam J.; Maner, Jon K.

The cost of believing emotions are uncontrollable: Youths’ beliefs about emotion predict emotion regulation and depressive symptoms.
Ford, Brett Q.; Lwi, Sandy J.; Gentzler, Amy L.; Hankin, Benjamin; Mauss, Iris B.

Children hold owners responsible when property causes harm.
Bowman-Smith, Celina K.; Goulding, Brandon W.; Friedman, Ori

Staying positive in a dystopian future: A novel dissociation between personal and collective cognition.
Shrikanth, Sushmita; Szpunar, Piotr M.; Szpunar, Karl K.

Learning moral values: Another’s desire to punish enhances one’s own punitive behavior.
FeldmanHall, Oriel; Otto, A. Ross; Phelps, Elizabeth A.

When knowledge is (not) power- the influence of anticipatory information on subsequent emotion regulation: Neural and behavioral evidence.
Shafir, Roni; Sheppes, Gal

It’s all about gains: Risk preferences in problem gambling.
Ring, Patrick; Probst, Catharina C.; Neyse, Levent; Wolff, Stephan; Kaernbach, Christian; van Eimeren, Thilo; Camerer, Colin F.; Schmidt, Ulrich

Intention insertion: Activating an action’s perceptual consequences is sufficient to induce non-willed motor behavior.
Colton, James; Bach, Patric; Whalley, Ben; Mitchell, Christopher

A multi-method multi-trait test of the dual-attitude perspective.
Bar-Anan, Yoav; Vianello, Michelangelo