TOC: Judgment Dec Making


Judgment and Decision Making, 13(4)

The boundary effect: Perceived post hoc accuracy of prediction intervals
Karl Halvor Teigen, Erik Løhre, Sigrid Møyner Hohle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Testing the ability of the surprisingly popular method to predict NFL games
Michael D. Lee, Irina Danileiko, Julie Vi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Predicting elections: Experts, polls, and fundamentals
Andreas Graefe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender differences in lying in sender-receiver games: A meta-analysis
Valerio Capraro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Who lies? A large-scale reanalysis linking basic personality traits to unethical decision making
Daniel W. Heck, Isabel Thielmann, Morten Moshagen, Benjamin E. Hilbig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Numerate decision makers don’t use more effortful strategies unless it pays: A process tracing investigation of skilled and adaptive strategy selection in risky decision making
Jakub Traczyk, Agata Sobkow, Kamil Fulawka, Jakub Kus, Dafina Petrova, Rocio Garcia-Retamero [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of character strengths in economic decision-making
Matthew R. Jordan, David G. Rand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Validation of Adult Decision-Making Competence in Chinese college students
Shujing Liang, Yuwei Zou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]