TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 151(1)

Virtual Discussion Forum on Trust in the New Economy

Apple: Good Business, Poor Citizen?
Amitai Etzioni


“Apple: Good Business, Poor Citizen”: A Practitioner’s Response
David Newkirk

“Ethical and Legal First Amendment Implications of FBI v. Apple: A Commentary on Etzioni’s ‘Apple: Good Business, Poor Citizen?’”
Richard P. Nielsen

Sweatshop Regulation: Tradeoffs and Welfare Judgements
Benjamin Powell

Goffman’s Return to Las Vegas: Studying Corruption as Social Interaction
Dennis Schoeneborn & Fabian Homberg

Remarks on Lydenberg’s “Reason, Rationality and Fiduciary Duty”
Neil Stuart Eccles

Do the Right Thing! Developing Ethical Behavior in Financial Institutions
Rachel Fichter

Friendships of Virtue, Pursuit of the Moral Community, and the Ends of Business
Richard M. Robinson

No Body to Kick, No Soul to Damn: Responsibility and Accountability for the Financial Crisis (2007–2010)
Olivia Nicol

Do Parents and Peers Influence Adolescents’ Monetary Intelligence and Consumer Ethics? French and Chinese Adolescents and Behavioral Economics
Elodie Gentina, Thomas Li-Ping Tang & Qinxuan Gu

Corporate Codes of Ethics, National Culture, and Earnings Discretion: International Evidence
Chu Chen, Giorgio Gotti, Tony Kang & Michael C. Wolfe

The Impact of Financial Incentives and Perceptions of Seriousness on Whistleblowing Intention
Paul Andon, Clinton Free, Radzi Jidin, Gary S. Monroe & Michael J. Turner

Both Sides of the Coin: Motives for Corruption Among Public Officials and Business Employees
Madelijne Gorsira, Adriaan Denkers & Wim Huisman

Applying the Randomized Response Technique in Business Ethics Research: The Misuse of Information Systems Resources in the Workplace
Amanda M. Y. Chu, Mike K. P. So & Ray S. W. Chung

Workplace Harassment Intensity and Revenge: Mediation and Moderation Effects
Qiang Wang, Nathan A. Bowling, Qi-tao Tian, Gene M. Alarcon & Ho Kwong Kwan

Anger Strays, Fear Refrains: The Differential Effect of Negative Emotions on Consumers’ Ethical Judgments
Jatinder J. Singh, Nitika Garg, Rahul Govind & Scott J. Vitell

Counterfeit Luxuries: Does Moral Reasoning Strategy Influence Consumers’ Pursuit of Counterfeits?
Jie Chen, Lefa Teng & Yonghai Liao

Is Ethical Finance the Answer to the Ills of the UK Financial Market? A Post-Crisis Analysis
Abdul Karim Aldohni