TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 115(2)

Why I don’t always know what I’m feeling: The role of stress in within-person fluctuations in emotion differentiation.
Erbas, Yasemin; Ceulemans, Eva; Kalokerinos, Elise K.; Houben, Marlies; Koval, Peter; Pe, Madeline L.; Kuppens, Peter

Beautiful mess effect: Self–other differences in evaluation of showing vulnerability.
Bruk, Anna; Scholl, Sabine G.; Bless, Herbert

Social decoys: Leveraging choice architecture to alter social preferences.
Chang, Linda W.; Cikara, Mina

Interpersonal emotion regulation: Implications for affiliation, perceived support, relationships, and well-being.
Williams, W. Craig; Morelli, Sylvia A.; Ong, Desmond C.; Zaki, Jamil

Proactive control of implicit bias: A theoretical model and implications for behavior change.
Amodio, David M.; Swencionis, Jillian K.

Procedural Frames in Negotiations: How Offering My Resources Versus Requesting Yours Impacts Perception, Behavior, and Outcomes: Correction to Trötschel et al. (2015).
No authorship indicated

The art of influence: When and why deviant artists gain impact.
Stamkou, Eftychia; van Kleef, Gerben A.; Homan, Astrid C.

In your eyes only? Discrepancies and agreement between self- and other-reports of personality from age 14 to 29.
Rohrer, Julia M.; Egloff, Boris; Kosinski, Michal; Stillwell, David; Schmukle, Stefan C.

The incremental validity of average state self-reports over global self-reports of personality.
Finnigan, Katherine M.; Vazire, Simine

Stereotypes of age differences in personality traits: Universal and accurate: Correction to Chan et al. (2012).
No authorship indicated

Personality development and adjustment in college: A multifaceted, cross-national view.
Klimstra, Theo A.; Noftle, Erik E.; Luyckx, Koen; Goossens, Luc; Robins, Richard W.