TOC: J Mar Res


Journal of Marketing Research, 55(4)

When Showrooming Increases Retailer Profit
Dmitri Kuksov and Chenxi Liao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Circle of Incompetence: Sense of Understanding as an Improper Guide to Investment Risk
Andrew R. Long, Philip M. Fernbach, and Bart De Langhe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficient Large-Scale Internet Media Selection Optimization for Online Display Advertising
Courtney Paulson, Lan Luo, and Gareth M. James [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Agglomeration as a Driver of the Volume of Electronic Word of Mouth in the Restaurant Industry
Angela Xia Liu, Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp, and Jurui Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling Gift Choice: The Effect of Uncertainty on Price Sensitivity
Sherry Shi Wang and Ralf Van Der Lans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

(I’m) Happy to Help (You): The Impact of Personal Pronoun Use in Customer–Firm Interactions
Grant Packard, Sarah G. Moore, and Brent McFerran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Teasing Effect: An Underappreciated Benefit of Creating and Resolving an Uncertainty
Bowen Ruan, Christopher K. Hsee, and Zoe Y. Lu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Network Overlap and Content Sharing on Social Media Platforms
Jing Peng, Ashish Agarwal, Kartik Hosanagar, and Raghuram Iyengar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mirror, Mirror on the Retail Wall: Self-Focused Attention Promotes Reliance on Feelings in Consumer Decisions
Hannah H. Chang and Iris W. Hung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Neural Profiling of Brands: Mapping Brand Image in Consumers’ Brains with Visual Templates
Hang-Yee Chan, Maarten Boksem, and Ale Smidts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]