TOC: J Econ Psych


Journal of Economic Psychology, 67

Catch me if you can. Can human observers identify insiders in asset markets?
Thomas Stöckl, Stefan Palan

Can public employment schemes break the negative spiral of long-term unemployment, social exclusion and loss of skills? Evidence from Germany
Lukas Fervers

Third-party punishment: Retribution or deterrence?
Fangfang Tan, Erte Xiao

An exploratory experimental analysis of path-dependent investment behaviors
Richard Deaves, Brian Kluger, Jennifer Miele

Gender- and education-related effects of financial literacy and confidence on financial wealth
Christina E. Bannier, Milena Schwarz

Parents’ ambitions and children’s competitiveness
Menusch Khadjavi, Andreas Nicklisch

Attention and novelty: An experimental investigation of order effects in multiple valuation tasks
Cameron A. Belton, Robert Sugden

Behavioral spillovers in local public good provision: An experimental study
Andrej Angelovski, Daniela Di Cagno, Werner Güth, Francesca Marazzi, Luca Panaccione

Temptation and cheating behavior: Experimental evidence
Jennifer Pate

Reciprocity anxiety: Individual differences in feeling discomfort in reciprocity situations
Xiling Xiong, Siyuan Guo, Li Gu, Rong Huang, Xinyue Zhou

Financial shocks and the erosion of interpersonal trust: Evidence from longitudinal data
Michael Jetter, Ingebjørg Kristoffersen

We should totally open a restaurant: How optimism and overconfidence affect beliefs
Stephanie A. Heger, Nicholas W. Papageorge

Far but finite horizons promote cooperation in the Centipede game
Eva M. Krockow, Briony D. Pulford, Andrew M. Colman