TOC: J Brand Man


Journal of Brand Manasgement, 25(4)

Antecedents and consequences of participation in brand communities: a literature review
Margurite Hook, Stacey Baxter & Alicia Kulczynski

Explaining brand switching behavior using pull–push–mooring theory and the theory of reasoned action
Elahe Kordi Ghasrodashti

Does the type of attribute matter? Examining whether underlying factors explain product attribute preference
Dean C. H. Wilkie, Lester W. Johnson & Wynne W. Chin

Does brand authenticity alleviate the effect of brand scandals?
Amélie Guèvremont & Bianca Grohmann

Luxury brands do not glitter equally for everyone
Farhad Aliyev, Taylan Ürkmez & Ralf Wagner

Transforming history into heritage: applying corporate heritage to the marketing of places
Rick T. Wilson

20 Years of brand personality: a bibliometric review and research agenda
Viktoria Maria Radler

Roses are red, violets are blue, sophisticated brands have a Tiffany Hue: the effect of iconic brand color priming on brand personality judgments
Stacey M. Baxter, Jasmina Ilicic & Alicia Kulczynski

Taking a deliberate approach: the enactment of brand orientation in an SME context
Nicole M. Hodge, Cathi McMullen & Jodie Kleinschafer