TOC: Intl Bus Rev


International Business Review, 27(5)

Subsidiary knowledge creation in co-evolving contexts
Paul Ryan, Majella Giblin, Ulf Andersson, Johanna Clancy

Stakeholder pressures, EMS implementation, and green innovation in MNC overseas subsidiaries
Norifumi Kawai, Roger Strange, Antonella Zucchella

Trade credit and determinants of profitability in Europe. The case of the agri-food industry
Alfredo Juan Grau, Araceli Reig

National culture and environmental responsibility research revisited
Johan Graafland, Niels Noorderhaven

Mass prestige value and competition between American versus Asian laptop brands in an emerging market—Theory and evidence
Ajay Kumar, Justin Paul

Person-environment fit and emotional control: Assigned expatriates vs. self-initiated expatriates
Jakob Lauring, Jan Selmer

Resources, home institutional context and SMEs’ exporting: Direct relationships and contingency effects
Dimitris Manolopoulos, Erifili Chatzopoulou, Constantina Kottaridi

Exporter-importer business relationships: Past empirical research and future directions
Bilge Aykol, Leonidas C. Leonidou

Service quality delivery in a cross-national context
Ying Zhu, Susan Freeman, S. Tamer Cavusgil

Internationalization pattern of creative-cultural events: Two cases from Canada
Hamid Etemad, Hamed Motaghi

International entrepreneurial marketing strategies of MNCs: Bricolage as practiced by marketing managers
Man Yang

Organizational slack as an enabler of internationalization: The case of large Brazilian firms
Jorge Carneiro, Vassiliki Bamiatzi, S. Tamer Cavusgil

The effect of matching on perceived export barriers and performance in an era of globalization discontents: Empirical evidence from UK SMEs
Rudolf R. Sinkovics, Yusuf Kurt, Noemi Sinkovics

The development of IB as a scientific field
Lars Engwall, Cecilia Pahlberg, Olle Persson

Do MNEs from developed and emerging economies differ in their location choice of FDI? A 36-year review
Xiaoqing Li, Rose Quan, Maria-Cristina Stoian, Goudarz Azar