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In Business and Industrial Marketing, Special issue of Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing; Deadline 30 Sep 2018

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing

Call for papers

JBIM Special Issue: Emerging Technologies in Business and Industrial Marketing

Submission deadline for papers: September 30, 2018

Guest Editors

  • Dr. Jan Kietzmann, University of Victoria, Canada
  • Dr. Leyland Pitt, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  • Jeannette Paschen, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

Overview +

The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing (JBIM) is calling for submissions for a special issue on “Emerging Technologies in Business and Industrial Marketing”.

Over the last decade, key technological changes have had a dramatic impact on B2B marketing. Chief among these changes are the emergence of social platforms and mobile technologies, and more recently artificial intelligence (AI). Emerging technologies also enable new approaches to how firms innovate with customers to develop, refine and market new products (e.g., crowdsourcing) or acquire funding (e.g., crowdfunding). Together, they have shaped new business models (e.g., Alibaba) and social commerce (e.g., the story of @MaerskLine’s #wintermaersk campaign) and have had a profound impact on the marketing function within firms.

These topics are top of mind among B2B practitioners and researchers who are interested in learning how emerging technologies will impact on the relationships between firms and their customers, and how firms can use them effectively in their marketing strategies. Calls for research are amassing, both for solid foundations that provide useful and impactful frameworks and typologies (e.g., ways to use AI for B2B marketing) and for more nuanced research of the application of such technologies in the B2B context.

To-date, B2B research has examined the role of the internet, and more recently social media as success factors for B2B firms, and as antecedents to and consequences of B2B marketing. These technologies have played important roles in many of these studies, but the more recent technologies such as AI, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have not yet received the attention they deserve. Socio-technical systems, including the ones mentioned above, are indeed more than mere mediators of B2B transactions – they shape industrial marketing transactions in significant ways and give rise to altogether new industrial marketing opportunities. By exploring new topics with a specific focus on this formative role of emerging technologies, this special issue centers on examining marketing within the organizational environment. In particular, it solicits work on how emerging technologies will influence the marketing strategies and practices developed and adopted by B2B marketers in the context of the radically changing technological environment. We encourage both conceptual papers or empirical papers contributing to an enhanced understanding of the role of emerging technologies on business and industrial marketing. Possible topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Emerging technologies and

  • their impact on B2B competition, industrial marketing strategies and tactics
  • organizational buying and selling processes
  • new product development and innovation in B2B settings
  • relationship marketing and a changing seller-buyer relationship/culture
  • supply chain management
  • B2B marketing planning
  • ethical issues in marketing
  • B2B networks


All papers should be submitted through the Journal’s submission process, i.e., ScholarOne Manuscript Central online submission system. Please make sure you select the special issue “Emerging technologies in Business and Industrial Marketing” when submitting your manuscript. For details on how to submit using Manuscript Central, please, see the (JBIM) author guidelines.

Details of paper content, length, and due date

The deadline for full paper submissions is September 30, 2018. The submissions must conform to JBIM’s author guidelines (see address below). These guidelines will also steer authors through the submission process. Articles submitted should not have been published before in their current (or substantially similar) form and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Please see Emerald’s originality guidelines for further details.

Further information

For questions regarding the content of this special issue, please contact the guest editors:

Dr. Jan Kietzmann
University of Victoria, Canada

Dr. Leyland Pitt,
Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, Canada

Jeannette Paschen,
Department of Industrial Economics and Management, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Stockholm, Sweden


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