TOC: Intl J Pharma Healthcare Mar


International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, 12(2)

The art of building initial trust in medical services
Mellina da Silva Terres and Kenny Basso

Public attitudes toward traditional Chinese medicine and how they affect medical treatment choices in Hong Kong
Kara Chan and Lennon Tsang

Emotions and satisfaction at the hospital
Mariella Pinna, Giacomo Del Chiappa, and Marcello Atzeni

Nobody understands me! The need for empathy
Omer Topaloglu and Yusuf Erkaya

Entrepreneurial orientation
Brent Smith and Thanigavelan Jambulingam

Vaccine promotion: impact of risk level on attitudes
Jennifer L. Lemanski and Jorge Villegas

Building pharmaceutical relationship marketing and social media impact
Chris I. Enyinda, Alphonso O. Ogbuehi, and Chris H. Mbah