Revisit: New Methods and Data Formats in Interactive Marketing


Special issue of Journal of Interactive Marketing; Deadline 27 Jul 2018


"New Methods and Data Formats in Interactive Marketing"

a special issue of Journal of Interactive Marketing

Special Issue Co-Editors

Mirella Kleijnen
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Charles Hofacker
Florida State University

JIM Editor-in-Chief
Brian Ratchford
University of Texas at Dallas


“God must have loved the common people; he made so many of them."

— Anonymous (often incorrectly attributed to Abraham Lincoln)

Training for many marketing academics occurred in an era when data were not so
common. That world was characterized by

  • clean rectangular data sets,
  • lab experiments,
  • aggregate economic data,
  • forecasting,
  • surveys and SEMs, and
  • in-depth and small sample qualitative research.

In contrast it has now been revealed that, “God must have loved digital data; he made so much of it.” This world is rich in data; it overflows with data sets. Sample sizes are headed for the skies.

Compounding the change, we are witness to a wave of techniques crossing from computer science to marketing. What’s more, digital data have funny formats. They can be messy, nonrectangular and, of course, big. Managers expect their digital data to provide attribution of credit and suggest allocation of resources. To do these tasks, and more, the field of interactive marketing has explored

  • machine learning,
  • text, image and video mining,
  • network analysis,
  • nowcasting,
  • clickstream and log data,
  • large scale observation, and
  • field experiments.

The final deadline for submission of manuscripts is July 27, 2018.

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Mirella Kleijnen (Special Issue Co-Editor)
Charles Hofacker (Special Issue Co-Editor)
Brian Ratchford (Editor, Journal of Interactive Marketing)