Paul W. Miniard


Paul W. Miniard, most recently of Florida International University, passed away on 9 Jul 2018

It’s with a heavy heart that I’m writing to let you know that our dear friend and colleague Paul W. Miniard passed away this morning (Monday, July 9, 2018). Paul earned his B.S., M.A., and Ph.D. all from the University of Florida (with Joel Cohen as his dissertation chair). His academic career started at The Ohio State University (1979-1990), moved to the University of South Carolina (1990-1994), and then to Florida International University (1994-2018). He was the coauthor (with James Engel and Roger Blackwell) of six editions of Consumer Behavior (1986-2006), one of the most popular CB textbooks of its time, as well as coauthor on a number of JMR, JCR, JM, and other journal articles. At FIU, he spent time as the Director of the College of Business doctoral program, as well as the department doctoral coordinator. A recipient of multiple research and teaching awards, Paul was known by his students to be "tough, but fair" and inspired a great many to find a passion in exploring consumer behavior. But more than all of this, Paul was a great friend and colleague. I had the privilege of being Paul’s student during my Ph.D. program at South Carolina, and then (many years later) his department chairperson. I called on him often for advice for both professional and personal matters, and his even-tempered counsel was always well-appreciated and sound. Please join me in spending a few minutes to reflect on Paul and his impact on our field and his impact on our lives.


Anthony Miyazaki