TOC: J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 147(7)

Do smart people have better intuitions?
Thompson, Valerie A.; Pennycook, Gordon; Trippas, Dries; Evans, Jonathan St. B. T.

Reasons probably won’t change your mind: The role of reasons in revising moral decisions.
Stanley, Matthew L.; Dougherty, Ashley M.; Yang, Brenda W.; Henne, Paul; De Brigard, Felipe

False memories, false preferences: Flexible retrieval mechanisms supporting successful inference bias novel decisions.
Carpenter, Alexis C.; Schacter, Daniel L.

Learning through clamor: The allocation and perception of study time in noise.
Hanczakowski, Maciej; Beaman, C. Philip; Jones, Dylan M.

Thinking of oneself as an object of observation reduces reliance on metacognitive information.
Noah, Tom; Schul, Yaacov; Mayo, Ruth

Shifting the balance between goals and habits: Five failures in experimental habit induction.
de Wit, Sanne; Kindt, Merel; Knot, Sarah L.; Verhoeven, Aukje A. C.; Robbins, Trevor W.; Gasull-Camos, Julia; Evans, Michael; Mirza, Hira; Gillan, Claire M.

Interpersonal touch enhances cognitive control: A neurophysiological investigation.
Saunders, Blair; Riesel, Anja; Klawohn, Julia; Inzlicht, Michael

Denying humanity: The distinct neural correlates of blatant dehumanization.
Bruneau, Emile; Jacoby, Nir; Kteily, Nour; Saxe, Rebecca

Brain activation covaries with reported criminal behaviors when making risky choices: A fuzzy-trace theory approach.
Reyna, Valerie F.; Helm, Rebecca K.; Weldon, Rebecca B.; Shah, Pooja D.; Turpin, Alexa G.; Govindgari, Shravya