TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 150(3)

Efficiency and Ethically Responsible Management
Jeffery Smith

How Can Business Ethics Strengthen the Social Cohesion of a Society?
Georges Enderle

On Ethically Solvent Leaders: The Roles of Pride and Moral Identity in Predicting Leader Ethical Behavior
Stacey Sanders, Barbara Wisse, Nico W. Van Yperen & Diana Rus

What Makes a Business Ethicist? A Reflection on the Transition from Applied Philosophy to Critical Thinking
Peter Seele

Should Corporations Have the Right to Vote? A Paradox in the Theory of Corporate Moral Agency
John Hasnas

Virtuous Structures
Dirk Vriens, Jan Achterbergh & Liesbeth Gulpers

Family Business Ethics: At the Crossroads of Business Ethics and Family Business
Pedro Vazquez

When Lying Does Not Pay: How Experts Detect Insurance Fraud
Danielle E. Warren & Maurice E. Schweitzer

Assertiveness Bias in Gender Ethics Research: Why Women Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt
Saar Bossuyt & Patrick Van Kenhove

A Disposition-Based Fraud Model: Theoretical Integration and Research Agenda
Vasant Raval

What is in it for Me? Middle Manager Behavioral Integrity and Performance
Sean A. Way, Tony Simons, Hannes Leroy & Elizabeth A. Tuleja

Investigating the Impacts of Organizational Factors on Employees’ Unethical Behavior Within Organization in the Context of Chinese Firms
Xiaolin Lin, Paul F. Clay, Nick Hajli & Majid Dadgar

Applicants with a Tarnished Past: Stealing Thunder and Overcoming Prior Wrongdoing
Ksenia O. Krylova, Teri Elkins Longacre & James S. Phillips

A Deliberative Case for Democracy in Firms
Andrea Felicetti

Business Ethics in the Greater China Region: Past, Present, and Future Research
Juelin Yin & Ali Quazi

Trickle-Down Effects of Perceived Leader Integrity on Employee Creativity: A Moderated Mediation Model
He Peng & Feng Wei

The Effects of Compensation Structures and Monetary Rewards on Managers’ Decisions to Blow the Whistle
Jacob M. Rose, Alisa G. Brink & Carolyn Strand Norman

The Influence of Native Versus Foreign Language on Chinese Subjects’ Aggressive Financial Reporting Judgments
Peipei Pan & Chris Patel

Cross-Country Evidence on the Role of Independent Media in Constraining Corporate Tax Aggressiveness
Kiridaran Kanagaretnam, Jimmy Lee, Chee Yeow Lim & Gerald J. Lobo