TOC: Cornell Hosp Quart


Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 59(3)


Moving the Impact Dial
J. Bruce Tracey [Publisher]

The Support of Local Underdogs: System Justification Theory Perspectives
Tiffany Shin Legendre, Rodney Warnick, and Melissa Baker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing the Customer-Based Impact of Up-Selling Versus Down-Selling
Tim Norvell, Piyush Kumar, and Sunil Contractor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Elicitation of Frontline, Customer-Contact, Hotel Employee Innovative Behavior: Illuminating the Central Roles of Readiness for Change and Absorptive Capacity
Song Chang, Sean A. Way, and Derek H. K. Cheng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Overcoming the Dark Side of Closed Networks in Cultural Tourism Clusters: The Importance of Diverse Networks
Ángela Martínez-Pérez and Marie-Michele Beauchesne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Benefits of Walking Your Talk: Aggregate Effects of Behavioral Integrity on Guest Satisfaction, Turnover, and Hotel Profitability
Tony Simons, Judi McLean Parks, and Edward C. Tomlinson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Customer Loyalty and Restaurant Sanitation Grades on Revisit Intention and the Importance of Narrative Information: The Case of New York Restaurant Sanitation Grading System
Min Gyung Kim, Hyunjoo Yang, and Anna S. Mattila [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotional Exhaustion Among Hotel Employees: The Interactive Effects of Affective Dispositions and Positive Work Reflection
Shi Xu, Larry R. Martinez, Hubert Van Hoof, Mateo Estrella Duran, Gabriela Maldonado Perez, and Julio Gavilanes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Restaurant Tipping and Discrimination: Exploring the Implications of Automatic Gratuities
Todd Hall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism-Led Growth Hypothesis: A New Global Evidence
Chor Foon Tang and Eu Chye Tan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]