TOC: J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 35(3)

Using message strategy to drive consumer behavioral engagement on social media
Wondwesen Tafesse and Anders Wien

Making inconsistent worlds: a conceptual framework for co-competition
Jacob L. Hiler, Laurel Aynne Cook, and William Magnus Northington

A dualistic view of brand portfolios: the company’s versus the customers’ view
Per Åsberg

Benefits of corporate social responsibility
Sarah Alhouti and Giles D’Souza

Antecedents and pro-environmental consumer behavior (PECB): the moderating role of religiosity
Shahid Nakib Bhuian, Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Irfan Butt, and Zafar U. Ahmed

Exploring the role of anticipated emotions in product adoption and usage
Debora Bettiga and Lucio Lamberti

Using gerontographics to explain consumer behaviour in later life: evidence from a Thai study
Thuckavadee Sthienrapapayut, George P. Moschis, and Anil Mathur

Age differences in responsiveness to shocking prosocial campaigns
Jeanne Albouy and Jean-Marc Décaudin

Impact of fashion innovativeness on consumer-based brand equity
Eunjoo Cho