Text, Image, Audio, and Video


Marketing Insights from Multimedia Data, Special issue/section Journal of Marketing Research; Deadline 15 Feb 2019

Journal of Marketing Research Special Issue/Section Announcement:

Marketing Insights from Multimedia Data: Text, Image, Audio, and Video

JMR welcomes all types of research for a special issue/section on Multimedia Data. 

Today, marketing executives and researchers have access to a wide variety of multimedia data: text from social media posts and online reviews, images and videos posted on Instagram or Snapchat, and audio data from customer service interactions. Despite their ubiquity, marketing scholars have only just begun to explore the rich insights these data can provide, and tackle the formidable methodological challenges entailed in analyzing unstructured multimedia data. This special issue intends to bring together cutting-edge research using one or more types of multimedia data to address substantive and/or methodological issues related to the broad discipline of marketing.

Manuscript submissions are open now and will remain open until 15 February 2019

Full information available here: