TOC: Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 52(7/8)

CSR types and the moderating role of corporate competence
Xiaoye Chen, Rong Huang, Zhiyong Yang, and Laurette Dube

Building brand authenticity in fast-moving consumer goods via consumer perceptions of brand marketing communications
Abhishek Dwivedi and Robert McDonald

Comparison of perceived acquisition value sought by online second-hand and new goods shoppers
Angeline Gautami Fernando, Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran, and L. Suganthi

The effects of competitive reserve prices in online auctions
Jidong Han, Chun Qiu, and Peter Popkowski Leszczyc

The formation of a cross-selling initiative climate and its interplay with service climate
Ting Yu, Ko de Ruyter, Paul Patterson, and Ching-Fu Chen

Musical flavor: the effect of background music and presentation order on taste
Naomi Ziv

Non-musical sound branding – a conceptualization and research overview
Nicolai Jørgensgaard Graakjær and Anders Bonde

Impact of social media strategies on stock price: the case of Twitter
Salim Chahine and Naresh K. Malhotra

Market basket analysis insights to support category management
Andres Musalem, Luis Aburto, and Maximo Bosch

Original brands in competition against high quality copycats
Hang Nguyen and Kunter Gunasti

Brand gender-bending
Salim L. Azar, Isabelle Aimé, and Isabelle Ulrich

Isolating the value-relevant part of advertising spending
Peter Guenther and Miriam Guenther

A study of parent–adolescent interaction
Chankon Kim, Hanjoon Lee, and Sang-Lin Han

User experience in personalized online shopping: a fuzzy-set analysis
Ilias O. Pappas

All in the value
Zahy Bashir Ramadan, Ibrahim Abosag, and Vesna Zabkar

Examining consumer responses to cross-border brand acquisitions
Xiang Fang and Xiaoyu Wang

How pride influences product evaluation through construal level
Pianpian Yang and Qingyu Zhang