TOC: Spanish J Mar


Spanish Journal of Marketing, 22(1)

Surfing or flowing? How to retain e-customers on the internet
Carolina Herrando, Julio Jimenez-Martinez, M. Jose Martin de Hoyos

The effect of online and offline experiential marketing on brand equity in the hotel sector
José Alberto Castañeda García, Andrea Del Valle Galindo, Rocío Martínez Suárez

Impulse buying behaviour: an online-offline comparative and the impact of social media
Laura Aragoncillo, Carlos Orus

The role of technology in an omnichannel physical store: Assessing the moderating effect of gender
Ana Mosquera, Cristina Olarte-Pascual, Emma Juaneda Ayensa, Yolanda Sierra Murillo

Investment decisions on quality certifications by hotel chains: differences between ex-ante and ex-post decisions
Victor Iglesias, Francisco Javier De la Ballina, Laura Caso

Cultural sensitivity: an antecedent of the image gap of tourist destinations
Asunción Beerli-Palacio, Josefa D. Martín-Santana