TOC: Rev Mar Res


Review of Marketing Research, 15

Strategic Decision Making in an Information-Rich Environment: A Synthesis and an Organizing Framework for Innovation Research
Neeraj Bharadwaj

Successive Innovation in Digital and Physical Products: Synthesis, Conceptual Framework, and Research Directions
Jelena Spanjol, Yazhen Xiao, and Lisa Welzenbach

Customer Involvement in Innovation: A Review of Literature and Future Research Directions
Anna Shaojie Cui and Fang Wu

Assessing the Relative Impact of Major Sources of Innovation on the Brand Equity of a Firm
V. Kumar, Ankit Anand, and Nandini Nim

Innovation, Innovation Strategy, and Strategic Innovation
Rajan Varadarajan

Market Foresight and New Product Outcomes
Mike McCardle, J. Chris White, and Roger Calantone

Design, Emotions, and Willingness to Pay
Ravindra Chitturi

Design Orientation and New Product Performance
Raji Srinivasan and Gary L. Lilien

The Business Performance Outcomes of Market Orientation Culture and Behaviors
Neil A. Morgan and Douglas W. Vorhies

Drivers of Performance of Privately Owned, Rapid-Growth Firms: A Reconceptualization of the Trust–Commitment Model of Relationship Marketing
Peggy Cunningham