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Journal of Marketing, 82(4)

Transformative Marketing: The Next 20 Years
V. Kumar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reflections on “Transformative Marketing: The Next 20 Years”
Robert Meyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Commentary on “Transformative Marketing: The Next 20 Years”
Rajan Varadarajan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Offerings as Digitalized Interactive Platforms: A Conceptual Framework and Implications
Venkat Ramaswamy and Kerimcan Ozcan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sales-to-Marketing Job Transitions
Jeff S. Johnson and Joseph M. Matthes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing Channel Management by Multinational Corporations in Foreign Markets
Rajdeep Grewal, Amit Saini, Alok Kumar, F. Robert Dwyer, and Robert Dahlstrom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Consumers Always Spend More When Coupon Face Value is Larger? The Inverted U-Shaped Effect of Coupon Face Value on Consumer Spending Level
He (Michael) Jia, Sha Yang, Xianghua Lu, and C. Whan Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Video Content Marketing: The Making of Clips
Xuan Liu, Savannah Wei Shi, Thales Teixeira, and Michel Wedel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

In-Store Mobile Phone Use and Customer Shopping Behavior: Evidence from the Field
Dhruv Grewal, Carl-Philip Ahlbom, Lauren Beitelspacher, Stephanie M. Noble, and Jens Nordfält [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Specialist Competitor Referrals: How Salespeople Can Use Competitor Referrals for Nonfocal Products to Increase Focal Product Sales
Simon J. Blanchard, Mahima Hada, and Kurt A. Carlson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]