TOC: J Global Fash Mar


Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 9(3)

Renaissance of marketing and management in fashion
Raffaele Donvito [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An instagram content analysis for city branding in London and Florence
Diletta Acuti, Valentina Mazzoli, Raffaele Donvito & Priscilla Chan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The paradox of odd-even price in fashion luxury sector: Empirical evidence from an international direct observation of luxury stores
Gaetano Aiello, Raffaele Donvito, Virginia Vannucci, Beverly Wagner & Juliette Wilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is artification perceived by consumers of luxury products? The research relevance of a customer-based brand equity model
Stefania Masè, Elena Cedrola & Genevieve Cohen-Cheminet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring relationships among brand credibility, purchase intention and social media for fashion brands: A conditional mediation model
David Martín-Consuegra, Monica Faraoni, Estrella Díaz & Silvia Ranfagni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The interaction effect between brand identification and personal crisis relevance on consumers’ emotional reactions to a fashion brand crisis
Giacomo Gistri, Matteo Corciolani & Stefano Pace [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Affecting brand loyalty intention: The effects of UGC and shopping searches via Facebook
Alice Mazzucchelli, Roberto Chierici, Francesca Ceruti, Claudio Chiacchierini, Bruno Godey & Daniele Pederzoli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]