TOC: J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 147(6)

Culture and problem-solving: Congruency between the cultural mindset of individualism versus collectivism and problem type.
Arieli, Sharon; Sagiv, Lilach

Hypnotic clever hands: Agency and automatic responding.
Polito, Vince; Barnier, Amanda J.; Connors, Michael H.

Working memory updating and binding training: Bayesian evidence supporting the absence of transfer.
De Simoni, Carla; von Bastian, Claudia C.

Top-down contributions to attention shifting and disengagement: A template model of visual attention.
Yamaguchi, Motonori; Valji, Ashvanti; Wolohan, Felicity D. A.

Acoustic foundations of the speech-to-song illusion.
Tierney, Adam; Patel, Aniruddh D.; Breen, Mara

Enhanced Pavlovian aversive conditioning to positive emotional stimuli.
Stussi, Yoann; Pourtois, Gilles; Sander, David

Compensatory plasticity in the congenitally deaf for visual tasks is restricted to the horizontal plane.
Almeida, Jorge; Nunes, Gonçalo; Marques, José Frederico; Amaral, Lénia

Beyond direct reference: Comparing the present to the past promotes abstract processing.
Kalkstein, David A.; Hubbard, Alexa D.; Trope, Yaacov

Silence is golden: The effect of verbalization on group performance.
Sio, Ut Na; Kotovsky, Kenneth; Cagan, Jonathan