AMS Review, 8(1)


Introducing the Theory + Practice section
Bernard J. Jaworski

Marketing’s identity crisis: insights from the history of marketing thought
Adel El-Ansary, Eric H. Shaw & William Lazer

A marketing identity is flourishing
Sidney J. Levy

Why broadened marketing has enriched marketing
Philip Kotler

Three systems underpinning marketing behavior
Richard P. Bagozzi

Marketing’s identity crisis: it’s complicated
O. C. Ferrell

Advancing relationship marketing theory: exploring customer relationships through a process-centric framework
Antje S. J. Hütten, Torsten Oliver Salge, Thomas Niemand & Florian U. Siems

Proposal, project, practice, pause: Developing a framework for evaluating smart domestic product engagement
Tony Woodall, Julie Rosborough & John Harvey

Reflections on the Journey to be Customer-Oriented and Solutions-Led
Bernard J. Jaworski

The journey towards customer centricity and service growth in B2B: a commentary and research directions
Wolfgang Ulaga