TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 150(1)

State Power: Rethinking the Role of the State in Political Corporate Social Responsibility
Judith Schrempf-Stirling

Does Equity Ownership Matter for Corporate Social Responsibility? A Literature Review of Theories and Recent Empirical Findings
Christian M. Faller & Dodo zu Knyphausen-Aufseß

The Effect of Board Capital and CEO Power on Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures
Mohammad Badrul Muttakin, Arifur Khan & Dessalegn Getie Mihret

When Fairness is Not Enough: Impact of Corporate Ethical Values on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and Worker Alienation
Dheeraj Sharma

Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure on Financial Performance: Case Study of Listed Pharmaceutical Firms of Pakistan
Muhammad Shoukat Malik & Lubna Kanwal

Role of Country- and Firm-Level Determinants in Environmental, Social, and Governance Disclosure
Maria Baldini, Lorenzo Dal Maso, Giovanni Liberatore, Francesco Mazzi & Simone Terzani

What Lobbying Ethics and What for? The Case of French Lobbying Consulting Firms
Madina Rival & Richard Major

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Longevity: The Mediating Role of Social Capital and Moral Legitimacy in Korea
Se-Yeon Ahn & Dong-Jun Park

Corporate Philanthropy and Tunneling: Evidence from China
Jun Chen, Wang Dong, Jamie Tong & Feida Zhang

Corporate Reputation and Collective Crises: A Theoretical Development Using the Case of Rana Plaza
Breeda Comyns & Elizabeth Franklin-Johnson

The Link Between (Not) Practicing CSR and Corporate Reputation: Psychological Foundations and Managerial Implications
Nick Lin-Hi & Igor Blumberg

Food Waste, Power, and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Australian Food Supply Chain
Bree Devin & Carol Richards

Corporate Board and Corporate Social Responsibility Assurance: Evidence from China
Lin Liao, Teng (Philip) Lin & Yuyu Zhang

On the Value of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: An Empirical Investigation of Corporate Bond Issues in China
Guangming Gong, Si Xu & Xun Gong

Evaluation of the Cultural Environment’s Impact on the Performance of the Socially Responsible Investment Funds
Francisco José López-Arceiz, Ana José Bellostas-Pérezgrueso & José Mariano Moneva

The Corporate Social Responsibility Information Environment: Examining the Value of Financial Analysts’ Recommendations
Changhee Lee, Dan Palmon & Ari Yezegel