Sponsorship and Shareholder Value


Kamran Eshghi seeks studies investigating the effect of sponsorship; sports, arts, event, or celebrity; on shareholder value

Dear marketing scholars and researchers,

I am conducting a meta-analysis study on the impact of sponsorship (announcement) on shareholder value. Particularly, I am looking for any study that investigates the impact of sponsorship including sports, arts, event, or celebrity endorsement on the shareholder value using event study method. To avoid or reduce the potential issue of publication bias and the file drawer problem, I need to collect unpublished essays and papers (conference proceedings, book chapters, etc.) about the relationship between sponsorship (sports, arts, event, etc.) and shareholder value (abnormal return).

If you have written a paper on sponsorship using event study methodology and/or your study’s results have not been published yet due to any reason, I appreciate if you could provide me with the following information:

  1. The title and year of your study and the name of the authors
  2. Abnormal and/or cumulative abnormal return table for all tested windows
  3. The correlation table of your study (correlation of abnormal return with other variables)
  4. The sample size of your study
  5. The context of study (country, industry, specific time period, etc.)
  6. Used regression estimation technique for cross-sectional part (addressing endogeneity, selection bias, etc.)
  7. Check for confounding event (Yes/No)
  8. Use of available dataset for events vs. manually collected events

You may send this information in an attached Word or PDF file or in the body of your email.

Thanks for your help in this matter.

Best regards,


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