TOC: Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 30(3)

Redesigning one-warehouse n-retailer routing model in inter-store stock transfer operations of an international retail chain distribution
Eugene Wong, Allen H. Tai, Yan Wei, and Iris Yip

Flexibility, collaboration and relationship quality in the logistics service industry
Shihyu Chou, Chi-Wen Chen, and Ya-Ting Kuo

How do retailers increase the benefits of buyer innovativeness?
Changju Kim, Katsuyoshi Takashima, and Stephen Newell

The effects of government relation and institutional environments on channel performance
Fang Jia, Zhilin Yang, and Ling (Alice) Jiang

The impact of total quality management and supply chain integration on firm performance of container shipping companies in Singapore
Vinh Thai and Ferry Jie

Synthesizing moderate upscale restaurant patrons’ dining experiences
Michael Daniel Clemes, Zurinawati Mohi, Xuedong Li, and Baiding Hu

The double-edge resource-based view of logistics performance and governance in Asian countries
Bee Hui Koh, Wai Peng Wong, Chor Foon Tang, and Ming K. Lim

International marketing and intra-cultural heterogeneity
Kamal Fatehi, Jennifer L. Priestley, and Gita Taasoobshirazi

Impacts of supply chain uncertainty and risk on the logistics performance
Michael Wang

Advertising strategy and its effectiveness on consumer online search in a defaming product-harm crisis
Sungha Jang, Jinsoo Kim, Reo Song, and Ho Kim

Direct and indirect effect of brand experience on true brand loyalty: role of involvement
Veeva Mathew and Sam Thomas

An identification of warehouse location in Thailand
Assadej Vanichchinchai and Songwut Apirakkhit