TOC: J Promo Man


Journal of Promotion Management, 24(4)

Understanding Cosmopolitanism and Brand Origin Recognition Accuracy: The Moderating Effect of Need for Cognition
Michel Laroche, Chun Zhang & Alice Sambath [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Response to Advertising Endorsers’ Sexual Information: Western Individualism vs. Eastern Confucian Conservatism
Hojoon Choi, Jooyoung Kim & Bong-chul Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding Non-Profit and For-Profit Social Marketing on Social Media: The Case of Anti-Texting While Driving
Chen Lou & Saleem Alhabash [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dragging Market Mavens to Promote Apps Repatronage Intention: The Forgotten Market Segment
Sajad Rezaei PhD [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competition and Corporate Social Responsibility under Creative Capitalism
Abbas J. Ali & Ghaida Al-Aali [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Content Analysis of United States Magazine Advertising, 1980–2009
Jaejin Lee & Hyejoon Rim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Mobile Phone Service Consumers in the US Have Media Preference as Their Source of Information on Competing Mobile Phone Service Plans?
Goitom Tesfom, Nancy J. Birch & Jeffrey N. Culver [Publisher] [Google Scholar]