TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 149(3)

Accountable to Whom? Rethinking the Role of Corporations in Political CSR
Waheed Hussain & Jeffrey Moriarty

Towards an Understanding of Social Responsibility Within the Church of England
Krystin Zigan & Alan Le Grys

From Bounded Morality to Consumer Social Responsibility: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Socially Responsible Consumption and Its Obstacles
Michael P. Schlaile, Katharina Klein & Wolfgang Böck

Synthesising Corporate Responsibility on Organisational and Societal Levels of Analysis: An Integrative Perspective
Pasi Heikkurinen & Jukka Mäkinen

Building the Theoretical Puzzle of Employees’ Reactions to Corporate Social Responsibility: An Integrative Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda
Kenneth De Roeck & François Maon

Failures in Regulator-Led Deinstitutionalization of Questionable Business Practices
David Motherway, Federica Pazzaglia & Karan Sonpar

Social Performance and Firm Risk: Impact of the Financial Crisis
Kais Bouslah, Lawrence Kryzanowski & Bouchra M’Zali

Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Financial Performance: The Mediating Role of Productivity
Iftekhar Hasan, Nada Kobeissi, Liuling Liu & Haizhi Wang

Challenging Masculinity in CSR Disclosures: Silencing of Women’s Voices in Tanzania’s Mining Industry
Sarah Lauwo

Corporate Social Irresponsibility and Executive Succession: An Empirical Examination
Shih-Chi Chiu & Mark Sharfman

Group Effects on Individual Attitudes Toward Social Responsibility
Davide Secchi & Hong T. M. Bui

Managerial Compensation and Firm Value in the Presence of Socially Responsible Investors
Pierre Chaigneau