TOC: Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 71

Continuous improvement at Industrial Marketing Management: Suggestions from the Editorial Review Board
Adam Lindgreen, Anthony Di Benedetto

Dynamic capabilities of biologics firms in the emerging business market: Perspective of dynamic capabilities evident
Yi-Sheng Wang, Tsuen-Ho Hsu

The burden of rank: The impact of preferred supplier status on excessive buyer requests
Maik Hammerschmidt, Hauke A. Wetzel, Todd J. Arnold

Explicating the relationship of entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance: Underlying mechanisms in the context of an emerging market
Lin Cui, Di Fan, Feng Guo, Yi Fan

Managerial perspectives on crowdsourcing in the new product development process
Debra Zahay, Nick Hajli, Debika Sihi

Financial performance of servitized manufacturing firms: A configuration issue between servitization strategies and customer-oriented organizational design
Laure Ambroise, Isabelle Prim-Allaz, Christine Teyssier

Dealing with endogeneity bias: The generalized method of moments (GMM) for panel data
Subhan Ullah, Pervaiz Akhtar, Ghasem Zaefarian

How do network resources affect firms’ network-oriented dynamic capabilities?
Leila Alinaghian, Kamran Razmdoost

Active innovation resistance: An empirical study on functional and psychological barriers to innovation adoption in different contexts
Verena Joachim, Patrick Spieth, Sven Heidenreich

Purchasing pension advisory services in Sweden – An interpretive investigation into service conceptions and supplier selection
Pernilla Bolander, Andreas Werr, Wendy van der Valk

Cross-functional knowledge sharing, coordination and firm performance: The role of cross-functional competition
Nguyen Phong Nguyen, Liem Viet Ngo, Tania Bucic, Nguyen Dong Phong

The varying roles of governance mechanisms on ex-post transaction costs and relationship commitment in buyer-supplier relationships
Khuram Shahzad, Tahir Ali, Josu Takala, Petri Helo, Ghasem Zaefarian

Strategic management of product and brand extensions: Extending corporate brands in B2B vs. B2C markets
Yeyi Liu, Thomas Foscht, Andreas B. Eisingerich, Huei-Ting Tsai

Knowledge configurations of small and medium-sized knowledge-intensive firms in a developing economy: A knowledge-based view of business-to-business internationalization
Kais Mejri, Jason Alexander MacVaugh, Dimitrios Tsagdis

More than one way to persist: Unpacking the nature of salesperson persistence to understand its effects on performance
Nawar N. Chaker, Alex R. Zablah, Charles H. Noble

Service design visualization tools for supporting servitization in a machine tool manufacturer
Ion Iriarte, Maya Hoveskog, Daniel Justel, Ester Val, Fawzi Halila

Offline retailers expanding online to compete with manufacturers: Strategies and channel power
Salma Karray, Simon Pierre Sigué

Contract learning in the aftermath of exchange disruptions: An empirical study of renewing interfirm relationships
Chun Zhang, Xuan Bai, Flora F. Gu