TOC: Soc Mar Quart


Social Marketing Quarterly, 24(2)

Applying Tools From Human-Centered Design to Social Marketing Planning
Brian J. Biroscak, Tali Schneider, Dinorah Martinez Tyson, Claudia X. Aguado Loi, and Carol A. Bryant [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing the UNICEF Malawi School Handwashing Program
Joy Parkinson, Philip C. Mkandawire, Timo Dietrich, Abi Badejo, Mohammad Kadir, and Violet Tembo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Motivating Influenza Vaccination Among Young Adults: The Effects of Public Service Advertising Message Framing and Text Versus Image Support
Yen-I Lee, Yan Jin, and Glen Nowak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Anti-Human Trafficking Campaigns: A Systematic Literature Review
Natalia Szablewska and Krzysztof Kubacki [Publisher] [Google Scholar] Editorial

Eleven Years at Social Marketing Quarterly: Reflections and Suggestions for Authors
Lynne Doner Lotenberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]