TOC: Psychometrika


Psychometrika, 83(2)

Response Mixture Modeling: Accounting for Heterogeneity in Item Characteristics across Response Times
Dylan Molenaar & Paul de Boeck

Identification and Sensitivity Analysis for Average Causal Mediation Effects with Time-Varying Treatments and Mediators: Investigating the Underlying Mechanisms of Kindergarten Retention Policy
Soojin Park, Peter M. Steiner & David Kaplan

On Bayesian Testing of Additive Conjoint Measurement Axioms Using Synthetic Likelihood
George Karabatsos

Bootstrap-Calibrated Interval Estimates for Latent Variable Scores in Item Response Theory
Yang Liu & Ji Seung Yang

Cognitive Diagnosis for Small Educational Programs: The General Nonparametric Classification Method
Chia-Yi Chiu, Yan Sun & Yanhong Bian

Improving the Crossing-SIBTEST Statistic for Detecting Non-uniform DIF
R. Philip Chalmers

Understanding Power Anomalies in Mediation Analysis
Kai Wang

Some Mathematical Properties of the Matrix Decomposition Solution in Factor Analysis
Kohei Adachi & Nickolay T. Trendafilov

Missing Data Mechanisms and Homogeneity of Means and Variances–Covariances
Ke-Hai Yuan, Mortaza Jamshidian & Yutaka Kano

Unidimensional factor models imply weaker partial correlations than zero-order correlations
Riet van Bork, Raoul P. P. P. Grasman & Lourens J. Waldorp

Asymmetric Item Characteristic Curves and Item Complexity: Insights from Simulation and Real Data Analyses
Sora Lee & Daniel M. Bolt

Representing Sudden Shifts in Intensive Dyadic Interaction Data Using Differential Equation Models with Regime Switching
Sy-Miin Chow, Lu Ou, Arridhana Ciptadi, Emily B. Prince, Dongjun You, Michael D. Hunter, James M. Rehg, Agata Rozga & Daniel S. Messinger