TOC: Psych Rev


Psychological Review, 125(3)

Concepts, control, and context: A connectionist account of normal and disordered semantic cognition.
Hoffman, Paul; McClelland, James L.; Lambon Ralph, Matthew A.

Competing theories of multialternative, multiattribute preferential choice.
Turner, Brandon M.; Schley, Dan R.; Muller, Carly; Tsetsos, Konstantinos

A sampling model of social judgment.
Galesic, Mirta; Olsson, Henrik; Rieskamp, Jörg

The capacity of trans-saccadic memory in visual search.
Kleene, Nicholas J.; Michel, Melchi M.

Do infants and nonhuman animals attribute mental states?
Burge, Tyler

The power law of visual working memory characterizes attention engagement.
Smith, Philip L.; Corbett, Elaine A.; Lilburn, Simon D.; Kyllingsbæk, Søren