TOC: J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 147(5)

When reality is out of focus: Can people tell whether their beliefs and judgments are correct or wrong?
Koriat, Asher

Towards augmented human memory: Retrieval-induced forgetting and retrieval practice in an interactive, end-of-day review.
Cinel, Caterina; Cortis Mack, Cathleen; Ward, Geoff

When payoffs look like probabilities: Separating form and content in risky choice.
Müller-Trede, Johannes; Sher, Shlomi; McKenzie, Craig R. M.

Consequences for peers differentially bias computations about risk across development.
Powers, Katherine E.; Yaffe, Gideon; Hartley, Catherine A.; Davidow, Juliet Y.; Kober, Hedy; Somerville, Leah H.

Rapid visual perception of interracial crowds: Racial category learning from emotional segregation.
Lamer, Sarah Ariel; Sweeny, Timothy D.; Dyer, Michael Louis; Weisbuch, Max

Signaling emotion and reason in cooperation.
Levine, Emma E.; Barasch, Alixandra; Rand, David; Berman, Jonathan Z.; Small, Deborah A.

Down-regulation of love feelings after a romantic break-up: Self-report and electrophysiological data.
Langeslag, Sandra J. E.; Sanchez, Michelle E.

The language of lies: Behavioral and autonomic costs of lying in a native compared to a foreign language.
Suchotzki, Kristina; Gamer, Matthias

What do short-term and long-term relationships look like? Building the relationship coordination and strategic timing (ReCAST) model.
Eastwick, Paul W.; Keneski, Elizabeth; Morgan, Taylor A.; McDonald, Meagan A.; Huang, Sabrina A.

Tools don’t—and won’t—make the man: A cognitive look at the future.
Osiurak, François; Navarro, Jordan; Reynaud, Emanuelle; Thomas, Gauthier