TOC: J Con Res


Journal of Consumer Research, 45(1)

Culture, Relationship Norms, and Dual Entitlement
Haipeng (Allan) Chen; Lisa E Bolton; Sharon Ng; Dongwon Lee; Dian Wang

The Fresh Start Mindset: Transforming Consumers’ Lives
Linda L Price; Robin A Coulter ; Yuliya Strizhakova; Ainslie E Schultz

In-Store Spending Dynamics: How Budgets Invert Relative-Spending Patterns
Daniel Sheehan; Koert Van Ittersum

How Am I Doing? Perceived Financial Well-Being, Its Potential Antecedents, and Its Relation to Overall Well-Being
Richard G Netemeyer; Dee Warmath; Daniel Fernandes; John G Lynch, Jr.

Stranger Danger: When and Why Consumer Dyads Behave Less Ethically Than Individuals
Hristina Nikolova; Cait Lamberton; Nicole Verrochi Coleman

Other People’s Money: Money’s Perceived Purchasing Power Is Smaller for Others Than for the Self
Evan Polman; Daniel A Effron; Meredith R Thomas

Beauty, Effort, and Misrepresentation: How Beauty Work Affects Judgments of Moral Character and Consumer Preferences
Adriana Samper; Linyun W Yang ; Michelle E Daniels

Property Lines in the Mind: Consumers’ Psychological Ownership and Their Territorial Responses
Colleen P Kirk ; Joann Peck; Scott D Swain

How Long Did I Wait? The Effect of Construal Levels on Consumers’ Wait Duration Judgments
Jing Wang; Jiewen Hong; Rongrong Zhou

That’s Not How I Remember It: Willfully Ignorant Memory for Ethical Product Attribute Information
Rebecca Walker Reczek; Julie R Irwin; Daniel M Zane; Kristine R Ehrich

When Being in a Positive Mood Increases Choice Deferral
Jordan Etkin; Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh