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Emerging Issues in Global Marketing: A Shifting Paradigm, Book by James Agarwal and Terry Wu

Emerging Issues in Global Marketing: A Shifting Paradigm (Springer, 978-3-319-74128-4) Edited by James Agarwal (University of Calgary, Canada) and Terry Wu (University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada)

Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: The Changing Nature of Global Marketing: A New Perspective
James Agarwal and Terry Wu

Part 2: Emerging Trends in Global Markets

Chapter 2: A Thematic Exploration of Changing Landscape in Political Risk in the Last Three Decades: Implications for Global Marketing
James Agarwal, Tatiana Vaschilko, and Elena Loukoianova

Chapter 3: Does Country or Culture Matter in Global Marketing? An Empirical Investigation of Service Quality and Satisfaction Model with Moderators in Three Countries
Naresh K. Malhotra, James Agarwal, and G. Shainesh

Chapter 4: Cross-Border E-Commerce: A New Driver of Global Trade
Yanbin Tu and Joe Z. Shangguan

Part 3: Global Marketing Strategies

Chapter 5: Standardized Global Brand Management Using C-D Maps
Charan Bagga and Niraj Dawar

Chapter 6: Social Network Brand Visibility: Conceptualization and Empirical Evidence
Aijaz Shaikh, Richard Glavee-Geo, Adina Gabriela Tudor, Chen Zheng, and Heikki Karjaluoto

Chapter 7: Re-Configuring the Marketing Mix to Counter the Counterfeits in the Global Arena
Karminder Ghuman and Hemant Merchant

Chapter 8: Bridging Institutional Distance: An Emerging Market Entry Strategy for Multinational Enterprises
Ogechi Adeola, Nathaniel Boso, and James Adeniyi

Chapter 9: E-Commerce in Emerging Economies: A Multi-Theoretical and Multilevel Framework and Global Strategies
James Agarwal and Terry Wu

Part 4: Global CSR, Sustainability and Macromarketing Issues

Chapter 10: CSR-driven Entrepreneurial Internationalization: Evidence of Firm-Specific Advantages in International Performance of SMEs
Maria Uzhegova, Lasse Torkkeli, Hanna Salojärvi, Sami Saarenketo

Chapter 11: Case Study of Corporate Social Responsibility in Japanese Pharmaceutical Companies: A Comparison with Western Firms
Terry Wu and Yuko Kimura

Chapter 12: How Do Western Luxury Consumers Relate with Virtual Rarity and Sustainable Consumption?
Ann-Flore Maman Larraufie and Lucy Sze Hang Lui

Chapter 13: Putting African Country Development into Macromarketing Perspective
Mark Peterson and Saman Zehra