Master Teacher Award Competition


Marketing Management Association; Deadline 25 May 2018

16th Annual Master Teacher Award Competition

~ Call for Submissions ~

Marketing Management Association Fall Educators’ Conference
Kansas City, Missouri, September 19-21, 2018

The Marketing Management Association is pleased to announce the 16th Annual Master Teacher Award Competition.

This competition strives to recognize and honor outstanding marketing educators. We encourage all marketing educators who demonstrate a history of effective teaching and an innovative approach to the classroom to submit an application.

How the Competition Works:

The process starts by submitting all materials detailed in this call for submissions by the deadline, May 25, 2018. Based on all complete submissions received by the deadline, three people will be identified as finalists for the 2018 MMA Master Teacher Award. Each of these three finalists will be invited to make a 15-minute presentation to attendees and judges during a session at the 2018 MMA Fall Educators’ Conference. The team of judges selects the MMA Master Teacher Award winner based on these presentations.

What You Can Win:

At the conference, each of the three finalists will receive one free night at the conference hotel. The competition winner receives the 2018 MMA Master Teacher Award plaque and a $1,000 cash prize. The two runners up each receive a $250 cash prize and are recognized with a Teaching Excellence plaque.

How to Enter Your Submission Materials:

Submit your application materials electronically to the Competition Coordinator, Chad Milewicz, at All submission materials must be received by the end of Friday, May 25, 2018. Please note that making a submission indicates your intent to register for, and attend the conference if selected as a finalist.

What to Submit

  1. Letter of application (2 pages max) noting:
    • teaching philosophy
    • why you believe your approach to marketing education represents mastery
    • contact information (name, phone number, & e-mail address)
  2. Condensed curriculum vitae (3 pages max) noting:
    • places and dates served and serving as a marketing educator
    • list of marketing courses taught
    • scholarly work related to teaching and learning
    • teaching-related honors
  3. Summary of successful teaching activities, practices, or strategies (4 pages max) noting:
    • supporting evidence of innovative approaches to teaching and learning
    • supporting evidence of teaching excellence (may include but is not limited to student evaluations, feedback from colleagues, impact on student success, impact of class-relate activities on businesses or the community)

Please visit and select Fall Conference from the Conferences tab for full conference details.