Gender Issues in Advertising


Special issue of Journal of Advertising Research; Deadline 31 Jan 2019

Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) Call for Papers:
Gender Issues in Advertising
In light of the increasingly complex view of gender from a psychological perspective, scholarly research is being sought regarding the changing nature of gender affiliation and advertising impact. The issue here is how advertisers accurately can portray consumers in the ways in which they would like to be portrayed reflecting their chosen gender orientation. This is important for targeting particular consumer segments. The changing nature of role portrayal depictions and lifestyle settings in advertising make this an important topic. The potential for alienation is always something for advertisers to avoid, and the need for prescreening of advertisements with target respondents is greater now than ever. 
JAR, therefore, is calling for research into gender issues in advertising. The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2019.
Following is an indicative, but not exhaustive, list of possible areas for submissions:

    • Highly Attractive Models versus Normally Attractive Models in Advertising
    • The Fine Line between Sexy and Sexist Advertising
    • Metrosexual Images and Segmentation
    • LGBT and Transgender Depictions in Advertisements
    • Unreal Expectations Based on Ideal Imagery in Advertising
    • Male Images and Ad Likeability
    • Androgyny and Unisex Portrayals
    • Nudity in Advertising
    • Gender as Psychology as Opposed to Sexual Makeup

We are looking for immediately actionable research findings, and as a result we are looking for empirical papers.  Given our strong practitioner readership, please place particular emphasis on practitioner implications of the research findings.
Any questions or to submit abstracts for feedback – please contact the Editor-in-Chief: Professor John B. Ford (