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Journal of Marketing Management, 34(3/4)

Special Section: Evolving Netnography

Evolving netnography: how brand auto-netnography, a netnographic sensibility, and more-than-human netnography can transform your research
Robert V. Kozinets, Daiane Scaraboto & Marie-Agnès Parmentier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From the self to the screen: a journey guide for auto-netnography in online communities
Dino Villegas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A netnographic sensibility: developing the netnographic/social listening boundaries
Emma Reid & Katherine Duffy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

More-than-human netnography
Peter Lugosi & Sarah Quinton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

General Articles

Online piracy in the context of routine activities and subjective norms
Maria Petrescu, John T. Gironda & Pradeep K. Korgaonkar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining how brand authenticity is established and maintained: the case of the Reverso
Navdeep Athwal & Lloyd C. Harris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internal brand orientation: conceptualisation, scale development and validation
Lamprini P. Piha & George J. Avlonitis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dependence concentration and fairness perceptions in asymmetric supplier–buyer relationships
Tianjiao Qiu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]