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Journal of Macromarketing, 38(2)

In this Issue
Mark Peterson [Publisher]

Tactical Moments of Creative Destruction for Affordable Housing
Lucie K. Ozanne, Julie L. Ozanne, and Marcus Phipps [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Downsizing of Housing: Negotiating Sufficiency and Spatial Norms
Maria Sandberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fine-Tuning the Fight Against Food Waste
Jessica Aschemann-Witzel, Ilona E. de Hooge, Valérie L. Almli, and Marije Oostindjer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advertising and Pseudo-Culture: An Analysis of the Changing Portrayal of Women in Print Advertisements
Atefeh Yazdanparast, Iman Naderi, Nancy Spears, and Robert O. Fabrize [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Social Identity Perspective on the Legalization of Marijuana in the United States: The Relative Importance of Status Insecurity and Group Membership
Stephanie Geiger-Oneto and Travis Simkins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brands, Truthiness and Post-Fact: Managing Brands in a Post-Rational World
Pierre R. Berthon and Leyland F. Pitt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Thundersticks: Firearms and the Violent Transformation of Native America
Terrence H. Witkowski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Connectography: Mapping the Global Network Revolution
Nikhilesh Dholakia and Masaaki Takemura [Publisher]