TOC: J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 87

CEO characteristics and corporate philanthropic giving in an emerging market: The case of China
Jiuchang Wei, Zhe Ouyang, Haipeng (Allan) Chen

Shadow of joint patents: Intellectual property rights sharing by SMEs in contractual R&D alliances
Hélène Delerue

Manufactured opinions: The effect of manipulating online product reviews
Mengzhou Zhuang, Geng Cui, Ling Peng

The impact of media richness on consumer information search and choice
Moutusy Maity, Mayukh Dass, Piyush Kumar

Entrepreneurial orientation, network resource acquisition, and firm performance: A network approach
Xu Jiang, Heng Liu, Carl Fey, Feifei Jiang

Value and alliance capability and the formation of strategic alliances in SMEs: The impact of customer orientation and resource optimisation
Michele O’Dwyer, Audrey Gilmore

From passion to obsession: Development and validation of a scale to measure compulsive sport consumption
Kirk Damon Aiken, Colleen Bee, Nefertiti Walker

Dynamic trends in online product ratings: A diagnostic utility explanation
Fang Wang, Kalyani Menon, Chatura Ranaweera

The burden of attention: CEO publicity and tax avoidance
Tinghua Duan, Rong Ding, Wenxuan Hou, John Ziyang Zhang

It is easy to do the right thing: Avoiding the backfiring effects of advertisements that blame consumers for waste
Mia M. Birau, Corinne Faure

Brand addiction: Exploring the concept and its definition through an experiential lens
Charles Chi Cui, Mona Mrad, Margaret K. Hogg

Product placements in social settings: The impact of coviewing on the recall of placed brands
Kesha K. Coker, Suzanne A. Altobello