TOC: Exp Econ


Experimental Economics, 21(2)

Measuring higher order ambiguity preferences
Aurélien Baillon, Harris Schlesinger & Gijs van de Kuilen

Experimental study of cursed equilibrium in a signaling game
Nichole Szembrot

Loss aversion and the quantity–quality tradeoff
Jared Rubin, Anya Samek & Roman M. Sheremeta

Heterogeneous guilt sensitivities and incentive effects
Charles Bellemare, Alexander Sebald & Sigrid Suetens

Does the paradox of plenty exist? Experimental evidence on the curse of resource abundance
Andreas Leibbrandt & John Lynham

Peer effects in computer assisted learning: evidence from a randomized experiment
Marcel Fafchamps & Di Mo

The BCD of response time analysis in experimental economics
Leonidas Spiliopoulos & Andreas Ortmann

Higher-order risk preferences in social settings
Timo Heinrich & Thomas Mayrhofer

Focusing on volatility information instead of portfolio weights as an aid to investor decisions
Christian Ehm, Christine Laudenbach & Martin Weber