TOC: J Applied Psych


Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(4)

Supporting and enhancing scientific rigor.
Chen, Gilad

Further understanding incivility in the workplace: The effects of gender, agency, and communion.
Gabriel, Allison S.; Butts, Marcus M.; Yuan, Zhenyu; Rosen, Rebecca L.; Sliter, Michael T.

Bad behavior keeps you up at night: Counterproductive work behaviors and insomnia.
Yuan, Zhenyu; Barnes, Christopher M.; Li, Yongjuan

Keeping (future) rivals down: Temporal social comparison predicts coworker social undermining via future status threat and envy.
Reh, Susan; Tröster, Christian; Van Quaquebeke, Niels

Are creative individuals bad apples? A dual pathway model of unethical behavior.
Keem, Sejin; Shalley, Christina E.; Kim, Eugene; Jeong, Inseong

There’s no team in I: How observers perceive individual creativity in a team setting.
Kay, Min B.; Proudfoot, Devon; Larrick, Richard P.

The effects of team reflexivity on psychological well-being in manufacturing teams.
Chen, Jingqiu; Bamberger, Peter A.; Song, Yifan; Vashdi, Dana R.