Globalising Halal Trade and Tourism


The Evolving Legal, Business and Marketing Eco-System, Special issue of Journal of Islamic Marketing; Deadline 30 Sep



Special Issue on

Globalising Halal Trade and Tourism: The Evolving Legal, Business and Marketing Eco-System

We are inviting submissions for a special issue on Globalising Halal Trade and Tourism: The Evolving Legal, Business and Marketing Eco-System.

Halal trade and tourism is rapidly burgeoning as a lucrative business both in countries with Muslim majorities as well as globally. Fundamental to the growth of the halal trade and tourism industry are friendly and supportive legal, business and marketing practices at both domestic and international levels.

Halal trade began with the Halal food production and has now expanded to other areas such as Islamic banking and finance, Halal healthcare, Halal cosmetics and most recently is the Halal hospitality. Therefore, now the notion of what is halal and what is not has attracted the attention of many industrial players. As halal trade is now no longer confined to halal food only, issues on good governance, best practices, good manufacturing practices and product standards are being developed to meet consumer demands. As preference for halal products become a global phenomenon, many Muslim majority countries as well as Muslim minority countries have decided to regulate the use of the term “Halal” in their fair-trade rules and some have resorted to establish Halal certification process.

The Special Issue also wishes to highlight arising issues in Halal Tourism. Although the Halal Tourism industry is still fairly at its infancy if compared to the conventional tourism, however, the concept of Islamic Hospitality is rooted in the Islamic theory of “respect for Dhuyuf (guests)” which existed as early as the coming of Islam. Scholarly work addressing issues revolving around Halal Tourism such as concepts, practices, prospects and challenges. The Special Issue also hopes to unearth work that provides a deeper understanding of Islamic principles of trade and hospitality and how this relates to the ethics of business in the Halal trade and tourism industry.

The primary focus of the special issue relates to the legal mechanisms, business practices and marketing strategies adopted by countries and companies that have embarked on the Halal trade and tourism journey.

Key areas are:

  1. Business Ethics and Shari’ah Principles
  2. Business and Marketing Practices in Halal Industry
  3. Consumer Demands for Halal Products and Services
  4. Halal International Trade and Codex Alimentarius
  5. Halal Certification
  6. Halal Genealogy, Current Trends and New Concepts
  7. Halal Logistics and Supply Chain
  8. Halal Tourism
  9. Islamic Marketing and the Halal Market
  10. Law and Halal Industry
  11. WTO Rules and Regulations Relating to The Halal Industry
  12. Halal Food Service Management
  13. Halal Branding and Marketing
  14. Islamic Principles in Tourism and Hospitality
  15. Halal Tourism Eco System

All submissions must contain original unpublished work not being considered for publication elsewhere. Submissions will be refereed according to standard procedures for Journal of Islamic Marketing. Information about the journal can be found at

The deadline for submissions is 30th September 2018. However, papers can be submitted at any time; and, when they have been received, they will enter the editorial system immediately. Papers for the special issue should be submitted using the ScholarOne Manuscripts, the online submission and peer review system. Registration and access is available at

The special issue editors (arranged alphabetically) are:

  1. Prof. Dr. Ida Madieha bt. Abdul Ghani Azmi, Civil Law Department, International Islamic University Malaysia. (Abdul Ghani Azmi, I.M.), E-mail:
  2. Assoc. Prof. Mohamed Battour, Tanta University, (Battour, M.) E-mail:
  3. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noriah Ramli, Civil Law Department, International Islamic University Malaysia, (Ramli, N.), E-mail:
  4. Assoc. Prof. (Dr.) Majdah Zawawi, Islamic Law Department, International Islamic University Malaysia, (Zawawi, N.), E-mail: