TOC: Young Consumers


Young Consumers 19(1)

Young Arab consumers: an analysis of family buying process in Oman
Monica Chaudhary, Suhail M. Ghouse, and Omar Durrah

Social comparison, materialism, and compulsive buying based on stimulus-response-model: a comparative study among adolescents and young adults
Tahir Islam, Zaryab Sheikh, Zahid Hameed, Ikram Ullah Khan, and Rauf I. Azam

When persuasive intent and product’s healthiness make a difference for young consumers
Liudmila Tarabashkina, Pascale Quester, Olga Tarabashkina, and Michael Proksch

How young Chinese consumers view Chinese brands
Ting Jin, Wei Shao, Deborah Griffin, and Mitchell Ross

Young tourists’ perceptions of authenticity, perceived value and satisfaction: the case of Little India, Singapore
Sean Lee and Ian Phau

Revising a measure to assess consumer-related family communication patterns
Marina Krcmar and Matthew Allen Lapierre

Young consumers in fast food restaurants: technology, toys and family time
Julie Kellershohn, Keith Walley, Bettina West, and Frank Vriesekoop